General Tips

Never leave your knitting in the middle of a row, or if you have to leave the knitting for any length of time do not leave it in the middle of a piece. You will discover, when you recommence, an ugly ridge across the row where you stopped knitting, and it is virtually impossible to remove it

When knitting in rows try, whenever possible, to join new balls in at the end of a row, as a knot in the middle of a row of knitting will only result in an unsightly hole. If it is unavoidable to have a mid-row join, and when knitting using circular needles, join the yarns by splicing the ends together. See  below.

Splicing - Unravel short ends of the two pieces of yarn, and overlap half the strands from each piece. Twist them together firmly. Cut the remaining threads.

Stocking Stitch -To facilitate sewing always keep the stitch at the beginning and end of each row in stocking stitch. Some knitters slip the first stitch of a knit row, or knit the first stitch of a purl row.

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