Customer Survey 2012 - Results

Thanks to everyone for taking part in our Customer Survey 2012

You can see the results as a Graph by clicking the    next to the question. It should open in a new window - you don't need to close it before clicking the next one. We have also added the graphs from 2008, 2005 and 2003 (where applicable) so you can see how things have changed (or not).

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1. What Crafts do you do with yarn?  Click HERE for Question 1 Results

Conclusion - This year showed a similar percentage of responders doing Knitting to the last 3 surveys, with Crochet similar to 2008 which was an increase on previous years. This would seem to confirm that Crochet is continuing to be popular. Felting and Spinning have both increased but Rug Making has gone down.

1. .... and how often?  Click HERE for Question 1a Results

Conclusion - Both Knitting and Crochet is done more often than 2008 with almost 90% of responders doing some craft every day.

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2. Why do you do these Crafts?  Click HERE for Question 2 Results

Conclusion - Most of these are similar to 2008 with Charity and Profit both going up slightly. Several other comments included "for Knitting Clubs" and "for Knitting Competitions" so we will add these in to the next survey.

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3, 4 and 5. Which yarns do you use?  Click HERE for Question 3, 4 and 5 Results

We had to split this into 3 questions this time due to restrictions with the survey programme. The graph combines all three as it did in previous surveys.

Conclusion - We added 2 yarn types which have only really become widely available in the last couple of years - Super Chunky and Scarf Yarns - this may have skewed the result for the "other" section since 2008. Most of the yarns have stayed more or less the same, but we are really surprised by the high percentage of Scarf Yarns used.

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6. How many garments do you make per year? (This was number 4 last time) Click HERE for Question 6 Results

Conclusion - With more yarns to show on the chart this year it is even harder to represent in a graph. We hope you can work out what is going on from the pie chart. Lots of you still make over 50 garments a year which is really impressive.

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7. Which pattern types do you use? (This was number 5 last time) Click HERE for Question 7 Results

Conclusion - We added more categories this time after comments in 2008, including Jean Greenhowe and Alan Dart, so it is difficult to draw direct conclusions in some sections. However we were very surprised that scarves were almost as popular as Childrens garments.

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8. How did you learn to ..... (This was number 6 last time) Click HERE for Question 8 Results

Conclusion - Almost all the results were similar to last year with Families being by far the best way of learning. Friends and School have reduced some, but there was a big jump in "don't remember" being ticked :-)

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9. Which Country do you live in? (This was number 7 last time) Click HERE for Question 9 Results

Conclusion - Hardly any change here at all with the majority being in England - the largest of the 3 UK Countries. We had less results from customers outside the UK which is surprising as we are still sending a large number of parcels all over the world.

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10. Are you Female or Male? (This was number 8 last time)  Click HERE for Question 10 Results

Conclusion - Again we were disappointed by this result - from the names on our customer list we expected many more men - perhaps they just don't like filling in surveys - or perhaps the ladies just like to get their men to pay!

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11. What age range are you in? (This was number 9 last time)  Click HERE for Question 11 Results

Conclusion - This year again we were rather disappointed we had no under 20's at all. We still need to get our youngsters interested to keep these Crafts alive. There seems to be a shift upwards in age with hardly any in the 30's section but lots more in the 60's section.

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12. Which of the following best describes you? Click HERE for Question 12 Results

This is a new question which was suggested in the last survey.

Conclusion - The fact that over a third of responders put themselves in the "retired" category probably explains the age range change. However we were pleased to see that even more of you were in some sort of paid work.

Several "other" comments included Self Employed, we had assumed people would use the "paid work" section which is way we didn't call it "employed". We will look at adding it as a separate one next time. We also had a couple put "carer" in the "other" section, we will change the "Stay at Home Parent" to "Stay at Home Parent / Carer" for the next survey.

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On the final page of the survey we asked if there was any other comments. It was not compulsory to answer and we only got a couple - we have listed some of them, with answers where possible, please click HERE.









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