Customer Survey 2008 - Results

Thanks to everyone for taking part in our Customer Survey 2008 - again we had more than double the number of surveys returned in 2005.

You can see the results as a Graph by clicking the    next to the question. It should open in a new window - you don't need to close it before clicking the next one. We have also added the results from 2005 and 2003 so you can see how things have changed (or not).

However, because we used a different survey system this time, some of the questions have been combined. We have tried to put the results in as easy to read format as possible.

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1. What Crafts do you do with yarn?  Click HERE for Question 1 Results

Conclusion - After comments in 2005 we expanded this question to include a few other crafts. This year showed a similar percentage of knitters to the last 2 surveys but the percent of people who Crochet has almost doubled. This would seem to confirm the trend of Crochet being more popular.

1. .... and how often? (This was number 6 last time) Click HERE for Question 1a Results

Conclusion - Not too much has changed from last time with well over half of you still knitting every day. There is a bigger percentage doing Crochet and other crafts more often.

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2. Why do you do these Crafts?  Click HERE for Question 2 Results

Conclusion - After comments in 2005 we added "just for pleasure" as a reason and this came out as joint top with "for Family". More of you are generous with your time with making for charity almost tripling. Profit, Friends and Myself all came out virtually the same. Click HERE for some details of the other comments made. 

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3. Which yarns do you use?  Click HERE for Question 3 Results

Conclusion - In the Knitting section, as expected, Fashion Yarns has dropped since last survey, but not as much as we thought it would. Double Knit and 4ply have increased with the rest keeping much the same. However Crochet has increased in most of the yarn types, again confirming the Crochet boom.

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4. How many garments do you make per year?  Click HERE for Question 4 Results

Conclusion - After comments from 2005 we have expanded the scope of this question with the options going up to "Over 50". However this does make it a very difficult graph to show clearly so we hope you can work out what is going on from the pie chart.

Over 9% make over 50 garments per year - that's one a week - Awesome !! Its difficult to give direct comparisons with last time as the max we had then was "Over 5".

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5. Which pattern types do you use?  Click HERE for Question 5 Results

Conclusion - We added in a couple of new categories this time - again after comments in 2005. Ladies and Babies are still top but Accessories has jumped into 3rd place. The result for Mens was very interesting and we will be forwarding the results to Pattern Manufacturers who seem to think they are not required!  There were also some 'other comments' which can be seen HERE.

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6. How did you learn to .....  Click HERE for Question 6 Results

Conclusion - Almost all the results were similar to last year with Families being by far the best way of learning. However there has been a big jump in Crochet Self Taught - beginning to see a trend here :-)

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7. Which Country do you live in?  Click HERE for Question 7 Results

Conclusion - Hardly any change here at all and we still have many customers from Countries outside the UK.

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8. Are you Female or Male?  Click HERE for Question 8 Results

Conclusion - Again we were disappointed by this result - from the names on our customer list we expected many more men - perhaps they just don't like filling in surveys - or perhaps the ladies just like to get their men to pay!

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9. What age range are you in?  Click HERE for Question 9 Results

Conclusion - We expanded the ranges and were rather disappointed we had no under 20's at all. We still need to get our youngsters interested to keep these Crafts alive.

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10. Other Comments

Conclusion - There were some interesting comments and questions - for a list of some of them, with answers where possible, please click HERE. You also gave us some nice compliments - Thank You.  click HERE for some of them.




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