Thank you for taking time to take our survey and read the results. Each of the surveys had slightly different questions so these are the main results.

Are you in the UK or outside the UK - UK 77% - Non UK 23%

Which ordering system have you used - Only New 66% - Both 15% - Only Old 11% - Neither 8% 

What did you think of the new Shopping Cart - Excellent 75% - Good 20% - OK 5%

How easy is it to Add items to the cart - Easy 91% - OK 9%

How easy is it to Change number of items in cart - Easy 95% - OK 5%

How easy is it to Remove items from cart - Easy 95% - OK 5%

How easy is it to Continue shopping - Easy 86% - OK 11% - Hard 3%

How easy is it to Understand how the cart works - Easy 91% - OK 6% - Hard 3%

How easy is it to Add your name, address etc. - Easy 88% - OK 12%

How easy is it to Make a payment by Card - Easy 88% - OK 12%

Are Shipping Charges clear enough - Clear 85% - OK 15%

Is the Confirmation Email clear enough - Clear 95% - OK 5%

Comments - There isn't room to put all the comments here - If you added your email address we will contact you with answers to your comments. Here are a few of the comments and our answers (we have left out most of the ones which said we were excellent - we do have some modesty!)

Excellent site, service, items and delivery. Can't praise enough. One wish though, larger plus sizes in patterns for us fatties out there! - We do have a few larger patterns and will be including a separate page for them shortly. 

Would like to be able to order multiple items and add them at the end to the cart. - We looked into this when we first set up the cart. Some of our pages are quite long and we felt the ADD button may have got 'lost' at the bottom. If enough of you email us we will think again.

Some improvements you could make to the shopping cart: A system to add multiple items from the same page in one click. (customer enters quantities for all items then clicks add all) - see answer above - and a longer session timeout for the cart. - The current timeout is about 30 minutes - this is set by mal's e-commerce and we can't change it. If we get 2 orders from you in the same day we usually put them together and only charge one lot of postage (UK).

Cheaper & easier ordering online from you, than parking in town as I live in Peterborough! - For anyone who doesn't know - Dianne's Knitting Yarns is located in Peterborough UK.

Keep up the lovely prompting e-mails. - We try to keep our updates and newsletters short and to the point - we do not want to be accused of Spam. Anyone who has missed one can find them all on our website - click on info pages and then choose Updates and Newsletters

Ever thought of offering customers a buy now pay later account? - We may do in the future but our Payment Office is not set up for this at the moment.

I was very pleased with the smooth ordering and payment system on your site. - That's what we like! Seriously though - we thought very hard about what we wanted from a shopping cart and we think (along with most of you) this one fills the bill.

Could be made easier to go back to exact page location. - When in the shopping cart scroll down a bit and click the CONTINUE SHOPPING button - you should go back to the same page you just left, if not let us know so we can fix it.

More photo's of yarns - We are looking into adding close up pictures of the yarn knitted up - let us know if you would like this.