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Sirdar Book 487

Sirdar Book 486


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Pattern Shown is in Sirdar Book 487 - Nursery Knits Pattern Shown is in Sirdar Book 487 - Nursery Knits

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Sirdar Pattern Leaflets - by yarn

Sirdar 7907



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Pattern shown is Sirdar 7907 - Mermaid Pattern shown is James C. Brett JB282

UKHKA Pattern corrections


Alan Dart Pattern Books, Leaflet & Simply Knitting Pattern List

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Full list of all the Pattern Books we stock - quite a long page so may take a while to load on a slow connection.

For a basic list of the books, without pictures or "Add to Basket" Button, please click the following link - Basic List

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  Alan Dart Pattern Books and Leaflet


All other Alan Dart patterns are only available from the Magazines they were originally printed in OR some are available as a pdf download from the Alan Dart Site. More information on Alan Dart's Webpage.

Please also visit our Alan Dart Page for more info about his other patterns and his Haitian Ada for the Haiti Earthquake appeal

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UKHKA Pattern corrections (new window)

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