Sets of Double Pointed Knitting Needles

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Sets of 4 needles

Needles could be Pony, Prym, Whitecroft, Inox, Lesür or Sirdar - if you want to know more then please email us first




20cm 2.00mm £1.74
20cm 2.25mm £1.74
20cm 2.75mm £1.74
20cm 3.00mm £1.74
22cm 3.00mm £1.65
20cm 3.25mm £1.74
20cm 3.75mm £1.74
20cm 4.00mm £2.08
20cm 4.50mm £2.08
20cm 5.00mm £2.08
20cm 5.50mm £2.47
 20cm 6.00mm £2.75
 20cm 6.50mm £3.50
 20cm 7.00mm £3.50
 20cm 7.50mm £3.50
 20cm 8.00mm £4.00
 20cm 9.00mm £4.45
 20cm 10.00mm £4.45


Price is for 4 Knitting Needles with a point at both ends (DPN's)


Sorry - None of our suppliers do sets of 5 needles at the moment


View Shopping Basket


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