CPU Enterprises

We are a family run partnership trading in various formats since 1972 and have 3 craft based websites at the moment.

We believe that nothing can compare to giving family and friends an item made yourself - they will be cherished long after a shop brought item.

We hope one of our websites will be perfect for you. If we don't keep these crafts alive by passing them on to the younger generation, we may lose them.

If there is anything else you would like us to consider stocking please do contact us.

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Craft Bits supplies Bits and Bobs for lots of crafts.

Our biggest section is Toy Making and we have Safety Toy Eyes, Noses and Joints plus some yarn, stuffing and needles.

We also have Iron on Motifs, Pony Beads, Beading & Macramé Cords, Bells, Pompoms, Chenille Stems, Felt, Magnets, Bag Handles and much more.

We can supply small packs of most items, in fact that is the reason we started Craft Bits.

We try to always follow our original principle of Just Want One - No Problem.

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Kits are the best way to introduce children to crafting and we have all sorts of kits to get them started.

We also have beginner kits which are suitable for adults or older children.

Hand Made Cards are cherished long after brought ones go into land fill and we have some from Diamond Dotz, Mouseloft Cross Stitch, Lets Make Cards Kits and lots more.

While many of our kits are Cross Stitch, we do look out for other crafts as long as they are instructive and good value for money.

Give the Gift of Creativity and Keep Crafting Alive.

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We supply all James C. Brett, Wendy, Peter Pan and Jenny Watson yarns, patterns and books.

We also have some items from Sirdar, Hayfield, Sublime, Stylecraft and some other suppliers, many are discontinued ranges so buy while you can, plus a small selection of needles, hooks, accessories & gifts.

There are a large number of pattern leaflets and books on our website, many have full details of the sizes and yarns so you know exactly what you need. We were the first online retailer to do this.

Our Aim is Your Satisfaction.

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The Craft Bits Customer Testimonial Guestbook has been online since 2009 and has a lot of kind words from our customers.

You can use this to let us know you have received your parcel or any feedback about our website and service.

We also add feedback collected from the Square Card Receipt Feedback, but we give you the option to remove it if you wish.

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The Craft Kits Customer Testimonial Guestbook is fairly new and was first put online in 2021.

There are already a few lovely comments from our customers and we look forward to getting many more.

Many of the comments were made via the Square Card Receipt Feedback from the Card Transaction email we send out.

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The Dianne's Knitting Yarns Customer Testimonial Guestbook has also been online since 2009 and has over 2100 entries.

All our Guestook's have recently undergone a facelift and now use the same programme to collect feedback.

So whichever of our websites you shop in you can easily give us feedback about your delivery, our website or service.

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The Craft Bits Forum has sections where you can ask questions, chat or find details of New Stock.

This is where we add any important messages for our customers, such as holiday opening hours & Royal Mail prices rises.

Both of our Forums have recently been updated to be responsive like the main websites so they should look good on everything from Mobiles to Large Desktop Computers.

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News and views from the staff behind Dianne's Knitting Yarns, Craft Bits and Craft Kits.

Sections include the Spelling of Dianne, P+P prices, Charging Cards and the full story behind CPU Enterprises.

We are always thinking about what new sections to add and would love to know what you want us to include.

What do you want to know about us? Please contact us to let us know.

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The Dianne's Knitting Yarns Forum has sections for each of our suppliers where we post what is new or discontinued.

There are also sections about Toy Designers, Unusual Knitting, Tips and Tricks, Charity, Important Messages for our customers and much more.

Both our forums also have details of new items on the Craft Kits website as they do not have a forum.




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